We do not have regular (or irregular) sales.

We have brought our prices down year-on-year, and they are now the lowest they have ever been.

The truth of all conventional sales and internet promotions is they are attempts to manipulate your perception of price and value. 

Yes, we know the whole world does it. 

In our world, that's not a reason to manipulate our supporters. 

In our world, if you can afford to offer a product at a better price, then you should do so all-year-round, not just at some arbitrary season. 

So we choose to follow a more transparent pricing model which offers fair & best value all-year-round. 

We want to everyone to get best value, and we don't want to over-charge some people because they buy at the "wrong time", or to influence people into buying something when it doesn't suit them.

Occasionally we provide a coupon to clients who have already bought several products, or who expenditure exceeds a certain value.

If you wish to buy in bulk (minimum quantity of 5), then we have a discount structure which is based on volume.  Contact us for details.